Midtown Timber Look Floor Tiles

Midtown Timber Look Floor Tiles

Capucino Midtown range of glazed porcelain floor tiles available in range of colours and in either matt or external "grip" finishes.

 Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coast Delivery.

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Midtown Blackbutt Matt 200x1200

Product no.: MT201203

$35.00 / m²

Midtown Grey Matt 200x1200

Product no.: MT201202

$35.00 / m²

Midtown Wedge External 300x600

Product no.: MT6304R

$24.80 / m²

Midtown Wedge Matt 300x600

Product no.: MT6304

$23.20 / m²

Midtown Wenge Matt 200x1200

Product no.: MT201204

$35.00 / m²

Midtown White Matt 300x600

Product no.: MT6301

$24.80 / m²

New Midtown White Matt 150x900

Product no.: MT15901

$24.40 / m²

New Midtown Grey Matt 150x900

Product no.: MT15902

$24.40 / m²

New Midtown Blackbutt Matt 150x900

Product no.: MT15903

$24.40 / m²

New Midtown Wedge Matt 150x900

Product no.: MT15904

$24.40 / m²