Raimondi Tilers Tools & Accessories

Raimondi tiler's tools and accessories available online at discounted prices. Delivery available Australia wide.

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Raimondi 5 Roller Extension Table

Product no.: RAI-RETZOE5


Raimondi Adjustable Level/Square 1000mm

Product no.: RAI-AL100


Raimondi Adjustable Level/Square 500mm

Product no.: RAI-AL50


Raimondi Aluminium Handle

Product no.: RAI-AH


Raimondi Avana Hand Sponge 190x120

Product no.: RAI-AHS


Raimondi Bearing & Roller - Suit Zoe

Product no.: RAI-ZOEBNB


Raimondi BM 180 Modular Work Bench

Product no.: RAI-BM180


Raimondi Bolt 120 Wet Saw 1200mm

Product no.: RAI-BOLT120


Raimondi Bolt 150 Wet Saw 1500mm

Product no.: RAI-BOLT150


Raimondi Bolt 90 Wet Saw 900mm

Product no.: RAI-BOLT90


Raimondi Bright Steel Trowel Slant Ridge 10mm

Product no.: RAI-BSTSR10


Raimondi Bright Steel Trowel Slant Ridge 6mm

Product no.: RAI-BSTSR6


Raimondi Bright Steel Trowel Slant Ridge 8mm

Product no.: RAI-BSTSR8


Raimondi Bulldog Finishing/Smoothing 10mm

Product no.: RAI-BFW10R


Raimondi Bulldog Finishing/Smoothing 15mm

Product no.: RAI-BFW15R


Raimondi Bulldog Finishing/Smoothing 20mm

Product no.: RAI-BFW20R


Raimondi Bulldog Finishing/Smoothing 30mm

Product no.: RAI-BFW30R


Raimondi Bulldog Finishing/Smoothing 8mm

Product no.: RAI-BFW8R


Raimondi Bulldog Milling/Shaping 10mm

Product no.: RAI-BSW10R


Raimondi Bulldog Milling/Shaping 15mm

Product no.: RAI-BSW15R


Raimondi Bulldog Milling/Shaping 20mm

Product no.: RAI-BSW20R


Raimondi Bulldog Milling/Shaping 30mm

Product no.: RAI-BSW30R


Raimondi Bulldog Milling/Shaping 8mm

Product no.: RAI-BSW8R


Raimondi Bulldog Polishing 400grit 10mm

Product no.: RAI-BPW10R400


Raimondi Bulldog Polishing 400grit 15mm

Product no.: RAI-BPW15R400


Raimondi Bulldog Polishing 400grit 8mm

Product no.: RAI-BPW8R400


Raimondi Bulldog Polishing 800grit 10mm

Product no.: RAI-BPW10R800


Raimondi Bulldog Polishing 800grit 15mm

Product no.: RAI-BPW15R800


Raimondi Bulldog Polishing 800grit 8mm

Product no.: RAI-BPW8R800


Raimondi Bulldog Profiling Machine 800mm

Product no.: RAI-BULLDOG


Raimondi CAM Advanced Trolley For Large Tiles

Product no.: RAI-CAMADV


Raimondi Cellulose Combination Sponge

Product no.: RAI-SPCHA


Raimondi Closer



Raimondi Continuous Diamond Blade 180mm

Product no.: RAI-DBCC180


Raimondi Continuous Diamond Blade 200mm

Product no.: RAI-DBCC200


Raimondi Continuous Diamond Blade 250mm - Bevelling

Product no.: RAI-DBCC250B

1 - 36 of 253 results