Gloss Alabaster

Square Tile Trim - Gloss Alabaster

Square Tile Trim - Gloss Alabaster

Alabaster powder coated square tile trim available in range of finishes and sizes. We have huge range available online or contact us on 1300 082 053.

* For orders of B.A.T Trims, Raimondi, Sigma products only. Other items must be ordered separately.

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Mosaic Corner Tile trim 4.5mm x 3m (Alabaster)

Product no.: MCA-4-3-ALA


Mosaic Corner Tile trim 6.5mm x 3m (Alabaster)

Product no.: MCA-6-3-ALA


Mosaic Corner Tile trim 8.5mm x 3m (Alabaster)

Product no.: MCA-8-3-ALA


Mosaic Corner Tile trim 10.5mm x 3m (Alabaster)

Product no.: MCA-10-3-AI


Mosaic Corner Tile trim 12.5mm x 3m (Alabaster)

Product no.: MCA-12-3-ALA


Mosaic Corner Tile trim 15mm x 3m (Alabaster)

Product no.: MCA-15-3-ALA


Mosaic Guard 6.5mm x 3metre (Alabaster)

Product no.: MCG-6-3-ALA


Mosaic Guard 8.5mm x 3metre (Alabaster)

Product no.: MCG-8-3-ALA


Mosaic Guard 10.5mm x 3metre (Alabaster)

Product no.: MCG-10-3-ALA


Mosaic Guard 12.5mm x 3metre (Alabaster)

Product no.: MCG-12-3-ALA


Mosaic Guard 15mm x 3metre (Alabaster)

Product no.: MCG-15-3-ALA