Adbri Masonry Versaloc

Adbri Masonry Versaloc

Adbri's innovative mortarless masonry walling system is great for home landscaping projects. No mortar is required and these structural blocks are easily stacked on top of one another. These concrete blocks will build walls to last, from garden features to strong retaining walls. Dry stack interlocking blocks can be used to build retaining walls up to 600mm high without reinforcement or other walls including factory walls and industrial walls can also be built using the interlocking block system with engineering advice.

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Adbri Versaloc 200 Full Block

Product no.: BV2991


Adbri Versaloc 200 Left Corner Unit

Product no.: BV2995L


Adbri Versaloc 200 Right Corner Unit

Product no.: BV2995R


Adbri Versaloc 200 Full End

Product no.: BV2992


Adbri Versaloc 200 Half End

Product no.: BV2993


Versaloc Grey Block Cap 50.31

Product no.: A50.31C