Battipav Supreme

Battipav Supreme Tile Wet Saws

Battipav Supreme Tile Wet Saws

Supreme Series - Battipav was estabilished in the 1970's, operating mainly as a producer of roller tile-beating machines. Every product is DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN ITALY A seal of quality engraved on each product to identify the origin and the authenticity. A series of strict quality controls, throughout the production process, allows us to have an index of defectiveness equal to zero, for TOTAL RELIABILITY. All Battipav wet saws come with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY.

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Battipav Supreme 1000mm Wet Saw

Product no.: SUPREME100


Battipav Supreme 1200mm Wet Saw

Product no.: SUPREME120


Battipav Supreme 1500mm Wet Saw

Product no.: SUPREME150


Battipav Supreme 2000mm Wet Saw

Product no.: SUPREME200