Easy Pave

National Masonry Edge Pave Pavers

National Masonry Edge Pave Pavers

National Masonry's easypave are a small format brick size paver has been used for centuries and is simply the most versatile paver on the market. The unique dimension of Edgepave® enable multiple laying formats and designs from a classic herringbone pattern to a modern stacked bond or basket weave pattern for the most stylish of homes. Want your drive way to standard out, Edgepave® is tough and durable for you to turn your simple driveway into a show piece.

Free Delivery for National Masonry orders over 2 pallets to Brisbane and Gold Coast


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Edge Pave Charcoal Paver 200x100

Product no.: NMUPCH

$33.50 / m²
1 piece(s) = $0.67

Drivepave Charcoal Paver 230x115

Product no.: NMDRPC

$34.60 / m²
1 piece(s) = $0.92