Sigma Tile Cutters

* For orders of B.A.T Trims, Raimondi, Sigma products only. Other items must be ordered separately. Sigma Tile Cutters - Australia wide delivery*

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Sigma ART7A Tile Cutter 330mm

Product no.: ART7A


Sigma ART7F Tile Cutter 370mm

Product no.: ART7F


Sigma ART6 Tile Cutter 350mm

Product no.: ART6



Sigma ART2A Tile Cutter 510mm

Product no.: ART2A


Sigma ART5A Tile Cutter 510mm

Product no.: ART5A



Sigma ART5M Tile Cutter 500mm

Product no.: ART5M


Sigma ART2B Tile Cutter 660mm

Product no.: ART2B



Sigma ART3G Tile Cutter 450mm

Product no.: ART3G


Sigma ART3A Tile Cutter 530mm

Product no.: ART3A


Sigma ART3L Tile Cutter 550mm

Product no.: ART3L


SIGMA ART3B4 Tile Cutter 670mm

Product no.: ART3B4


Sigma ART4A Tile Cutter 750mm

Product no.: ART4A



Sigma ART3C2 Tile Cutter 770mm

Product no.: ART3C2


Sigma ART3D Tile Cutter 930mm

Product no.: ART3D



Sigma ART3EM Tile Cutter 1280mm

Product no.: ART3EM



Sigma ART3FM Tile Cutter 1510mm

Product no.: ART3FM