Gloss Black

Aluminium Gloss Black Cove Trim

Aluminium Powder Coated Black Gloss Cove - Available in range of colours and finished BAT Trim Coves have been designed in close consultation with heath departments and architects the BAT Cove trims when correctly installed provide a sealed surface betweens floor and walls that is easy to clean

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BAT APC 60 Cove Trim 3metre (Gloss Black)

Product no.: APC60-3-BK


BAT APC Cove Combo Trim 10mm - 3m (Gloss Black)

Product no.: APCOVCOM10-BK


BAT APC Cove Combo Trim 8mm - 3m (Gloss Black)

Product no.: APCOVCOM8-BK


Cove Trim 8mm & 8mm - 3metre (Black)

Product no.: CT-88-3-BK


Cove Trim 10mm & 8mm - 3metre (Black)

Product no.: CT-108-3-BK


Cove Trim 10mm & 10mm - 3metre (Black)

Product no.: CT-1010-3-BK


Cove Trim 12mm & 8mm - 3metre (Black)

Product no.: CT-128-3-BK


Cove Trim 12mm & 10mm - 3metre (Black)

Product no.: CT-1210-3-BK


Cove Trim 12mm & 12mm - 3metre (Black)

Product no.: CT-1212-3-BK